Keith is an adviser at Advsr, a strategic advisory firm for venture backed private startups. Advsr works with emerging businesses to position themselves and drive towards strategic outcomes.

Golden Gate Games

Keith is co founder and CEO of G3 AR/VR Technologies, a developer of technology solutions for AR and VR platforms. G3 creates applications and technologies for both consumer and enterprise use cases.

Board Seats

Keith currently is an independent director on 3 boards, and has sat on several more boards in the past, for both public and private companies. Keith has extensive experience with board mechanics, responsibilities, and process. As an independent board member Keith has extensive personal hands on experience, knowledge, and understanding of both management and investors perspectives.

Beyond the normal duties of a typical board member Keith works very closely with the CEO around the following areas:

  • Organizational (executive, re-organizations, growth, pivoting)
  • CEO Skills (management, leadership, communication, board management)
  • Strategy (market, product, pivoting, capitalization, positioning)
  • M&A and Fund Raising (process, deals, negotiations)


Keith also performs advising or consulting roles around a variety of topics including the following:

  • Investment (assessment of market, team, deal, strategy)
  • Organizational (executive, re-organizations, growth, pivoting)
  • Deals (financings, acquisitions, sales of companies, licensing)

You can reach Keith at keithm9 at gmail dot com

LinkedIn at  Keith McCurdy

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